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A core part of the site are the downloadable checklists that are created for each album. Choose your album, download the PDF, print it, and tick of the stickers in the collections as you go!

Easy to keep track of the swaps and the needs! Dont carry the album around with you any longer, just take your Checklist. Nice time saver.


They're even created with your ink in mind - printer friendly. You can find them on the album pages, or take a look at the complete list on the checklist page.







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To view any of the collections visit the Merlin, ToppsPanini or Others index, and choose the album from the list.

You can either click the logos here, or choose from the navigation bar at the top of the page. Alternatively, why not scroll through the most popular albums below, here on the homepage?


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Futera, Orbis and FKS football stickers


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Most popular collections;

  • Panini 2010 World Cup South Africa
  • Merlin Premier League 94
  • Panini England 2016
  • Panini Euro 2016
  • Panini Champions League 2015
  • Merlin's Premier League 2016
  • Merlin's Premier League 2015
  • Panini 2014 World Cup Brazil
  • Topps Champions League 2016



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